Circa 2009 @

Gmagick is an extension to PHP that is used to create, modify and obtain meta information of images using the GraphicsMagick API.

Project site on PECL

Documentation on

Package for Alpine Linux


A practical look at how decentralization with blockchain and DLTs can transform today’s financial scenarios
Circa 2018

Digital transformation with blockchain
Circa 2018

Automate Your Electronic Life With The JS Ecosystem
Circa 2016

PHP and the Cloud: The view from the bazaar
Circa 2010

I'd given this talk at three different conferences/events:

  • Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010
  • GeekCamp Singapore 2010
  • Singapore PHP Meetup (July 2010)

Health Dashboard
Circa 2013

My idea for the Health Dashboard challenge presented at Health UP Singapore

Inculcating Open Data
Circa 2013

A brief overview of open data and why we should have more of it