Software finishing

Published: 22 Nov 2015 software_finishing

Let’s introduce a term (if you may) to refer to the phase between the local development environment on a developer’s machine and the castle of production operations. Let’s give a name to this part of the software build and release workflow. Let’s call it software finishing. You know, as in the finishing school of software, where it learns to behave, where we make sure it integrates together beautifully, run tests, quality checks, make sure it can withstand the scale of the real world and give its owners/guardians a chance to have another look at their cherished product before releasing it to the world.

There are established terms that helps bring clarity to the activities within a workflow from development to production, i.e. continuous integration, continuous delivery. There are also well known taxonomies that describes the artefacts involved in software finishing, i.e. the various environments (Integration, Test, UAT, QA and Staging). I find it tough though to talk about the specific part of the workflow that the term software finishing describes without resorting to a diagram based on the artefacts it involves (i.e. the environments).

Thus, we need the term software finishing. What do you think?

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