On techPortal: PHP and the Cloud

Published: 31 March 2009

I wrote about using Amazon's cloud services from a PHP perspective on Ibuilding's techPortal. Do check it out! I think Cal Evans and the Ibuildings gang has something special going on, and there is a growing list of other really interesting articles and tutorials as well.

What excites me most about Amazon's cloud is the huge computing resource that it makes accessible to practically anyone. So that ceases to be an excuse nor a worry when innovating. There are also a bunch of challenges that I had faced in the past that could benefit from the presence of such easily accessible utility. Really, I could had been more relaxed during month-ends in a previous project when processing and requests spikes due to heavy reporting while operations goes into overdrive trying to hit closure targets.

Another good use of it is to tackle archival and document sharing requirements for legal and billing purposes (the 7 year burden of records). Accountants will love the variable cost conversion effect of cloud pricing and I can already see sales grinning from an easier, more meaningful sell for such 'unavoidable value-add'.