Book: PHP Development in the Cloud

Published: 05 April 2011

I like cloud computing for two reasons:

It's shared!

Personal space is vital and enjoyable for many of life's activities, but easily accessible public spaces/utility/services can be more efficient for many other activities (for example, we don't need to own a football field to play it, renting a pitch for 2 hours will be better). I think public clouds such as Amazon, Rackspace and others like it are analogous to accessible public utilities.

It's alive!

"The illusion that we are separate from one another is an optical delusion of our consciousness."

Albert Einstein

I have this romanticised (but strongly held) ideal that the cloud is alive through us, that all the artefacts of our existence within the cloud such as our data (tweets, profiles, documents, etc.), our APIs, software, platform and infrastructure collectively form part of a larger evolutionary process towards the Singularity.

Hence the book...

Along these lines, in the midst of some tinkering and experimentation with more immediately practicable applications of the cloud; I had a conversation with Ivo at the Claddagh Ring of Hendon and we'd decided to write this book together. We wanted to clarify where cloud computing will intersect with the internet & the WWW; and parts of it that makes having a different term to describe the cloud necessary. We do so from a PHP perspective because it is the language for the web that we like the most.

This book is available for purchase via as well as php|architect.